Project Phases

Envoy can meet an owner’s needs throughout all phases of a project.

Design Phase

The focus of the Design Phase is the building itself. Envoy reviews the design of the structure, controls budgets and sets schedules and criteria.

Choices determine reality -- each element in a project plays a part in its overall outcome and this often requires balancing what the owner wants with what it can afford.

Envoy represents the owner's best interests by helping to balance these components and successfully fulfill the owner's original criteria.

The following objectives aid in this stage of the process:

  • Provide cash flow information to the controller
  • Review design work
  • Prepare secondary cost estimate
  • Complete cost comparisons and alternative studies
  • Complete value engineering
  • Review documents for conflicts
  • Prepare final cost estimate
  • Finalize pre-bidding phase

Bidding Phase

Managing a project on your behalf, with no conflicting interests or relationships, can realize a savings of up to 25% when compared to combined proposals from general contractors. Envoy makes all bidding information available to you so you understand all costs, qualities, alternatives, and services.

Envoy develops bid packages with clear instructions. We field and answer bidder questions. We actively and widely solicit bid packages, ensuring consistent and competitive proposals. We receive and compare bids, recommending the lowest bid in every category. Envoy does not mark up any bid and all bids are open for inspection.

We assist in preparing contract documents, assist with financial details and obtain signed contracts. We finalize the construction schedule, set critical lead times and order long lead items.

Envoy ensures that all preliminary phases are in order before contracting begins.

The following objectives further detail the bidding phase:

  • Solicit competent bidders
  • Develop the bid package
  • Prepare bidder instructions
  • Field and answer bidder questions
  • Receive and protect bids
  • Analyze all bids
  • Conduct bid negotiations, if needed
  • Assist in preparing contractual documents
  • Finalize budget and cash flow plans
  • Finalize the construction schedule
  • Finalize and approve criteria review
  • Obtain signed contracts

Contracting Phase

Contracting is the last phase before construction begins - the time when negotiations have been finalized, contracts have been completed, reviewed by attorneys and signed, and all necessary permits, performance bonds and insurance certificates have been obtained.

Envoy then arranges temporary construction facilities in order to provide on-site construction supervision. We develop an efficient site use plan, review work rules with all contractors, and finalize the comprehensive day-to-day construction schedule.

Envoy recognizes that a successful construction project takes experienced management from beginning to end. Strict attention to detail before construction begins maximizes efficiency and minimizes possible delays and problems.

The following are more examples of how Envoy assists the Owner during the contracting phase:

  • Obtain schedule of values
  • Obtain performance bonds
  • Obtain insurance certificates
  • Organize permits
  • Plan temporary construction facilities
  • Assure builder’s risk insurance
  • Organize construction supervision
  • Plan site use and access
  • Ensure contracts are complete

Construction Phase

When construction begins, Envoy's full-time, on-site manager provides field engineering leadership and coordinates all contractors throughout the length of the project. He conducts job meetings, monitors schedules, deliveries, work progress, quality and budgets. He expedites whenever necessary.

Envoy controls cost data and reviews the progress of monthly payments to contractors. The site manager protects the budget by negotiating costs of any change orders. After a detailed inspection, Envoy creates a punch list, outlining any work that remains to be completed and oversees the final audit.

Envoy accompanies the owner when accepting the completed project, as always, representing the owner's interests.

The following objectives are further examples of our role in the construction phase:

  • Provide a resident site manager
  • Determine the construction schedule, including phasing implementation
  • Coordinate and conduct job meetings
  • Provide field engineering leadership
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems as required
  • Monitor deliveries of materials and equipment
  • Observe work
  • Supervise quality assurance
  • Monitor change orders
  • Prepare cost control data
  • Coordinate field operations and monitor off-site construction of utilities,
  • traffic lights, streets, etc.
  • Coordinate and monitor mock-up construction
  • Review progress payments and documentation
  • Document work photographically
  • Expedite, when required
  • Plan for occupancy
  • Observe punch list preparation
  • Oversee final audit
  • Accompany owner when accepting completed project

Occupancy Phase

Envoy's representatives remain on the job after the outward signs of construction have disappeared.

We conduct on-site training of your staff for the new systems and equipment. We organize maintenance manuals for reference and for training of new employees.

Envoy oversees the preparation of "as-built" documents and reviews testing and balancing data. We resolve any residual problems and only then will we release any withheld funds from retainage.

The following objectives help ease the transition into occupancy:

  • Assist with occupancy coordination and implementation
  • Provide complete maintenance manuals and equipment information packages
  • Oversee the preparation of “as built” documents
  • Review testing and balancing data
  • Receive any late appearing problems
  • Resolve problems and make corrections
  • Release any withheld funds from retainage
  • Close out the construction portion to satisfy lender-imposed requirements and conditions

Warranty Phase

Envoy works for you, in a trusted partnership from the beginning, through the details, to years of satisfaction. This is our commitment to you.

Envoy continues to represent your interests by conducting monthly warranty reviews for the first year, after occupancy begins. During this time, Envoy reviews your overall satisfaction and resolves any late-appearing problems. We notify any contractors whose work has failed to meet the project specifications and make sure they rectify the problems.

Envoy also performs inspections yearly, to pinpoint problems still under warranty.

We value your trust and work on your behalf through the entire construction process.

The following objectives further illustrate our continuing dedication during the warranty phase:

  • Conduct monthly warranty reviews for 12 months after occupancy
  • Acknowledge late-appearing problems from owner and perform monthly reviews
  • Resolve problems with operations, materials, equipment or workmanship as soon as possible
  • Review overall project satisfaction with the owner concerning the facility and our management services