Revolutionizing Construction with Modular Elevators: Envoy Constructions and Phoenix Elevators Partnership Sets a New Standard

Revolutionizing Construction with Modular Elevators: Envoy Constructions and Phoenix Elevators Partnership Sets a New Standard

April 5, 2023

Envoy is making a name for itself by adopting innovative and efficient construction methods. One of the ways in which Envoy has distinguished itself from its competitors is through its extensive use of modular elevators in its construction projects. In fact, Envoy has used the most modular elevators in construction projects in Indiana, demonstrating its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technologies and practices to provide the highest quality construction services to its clients. By using modular elevators, Envoy Construction has been able to complete projects faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost, while also reducing disruption to the construction site and improving safety for workers.

Modular elevators are a type of elevator system constructed off-site in modular sections and then assembled on-site. Unlike traditional elevator systems built on-site from the ground up, modular elevators are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated in a factory setting, which can significantly reduce installation time and cost.

Modular elevators are used in a wide range of applications, including commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and residential buildings. They are often favored in buildings with limited space or where the installation of a traditional elevator would be cost-prohibitive. They are also an eco-friendly option since the off-site construction process reduces waste and energy consumption.

Envoy has a strong partnership with Phoenix Modular Elevators (PME), a leading manufacturer of modular elevator systems. Phoenix Modular Elevators has supplied Envoy with high-quality modular elevator systems for several projects, enabling Envoy Construction to deliver superior construction services to its clients.

The Envoy team has had the opportunity to visit the PME factory to learn more about its operation. This visit solidified the start of a great working relationship, as they have delivered nine modular elevators to various Envoy projects since 2018.

"We count Jonathan and Envoy as some of our favorite customers, not only because they are professional and easy to work with, but also because we each have a good understanding of the other's needs and expectations," says Lynndi Tennyson, Inside Sales Manager for Phoenix Modular Elevators.

Working on-site with these innovative construction techniques is no small feat. Senior Project Manager, Connor Britt, maintains a working relationship with PME Installation Manager Randy Wakeland. "Connor has done a great job learning what is needed to make a modular elevator installation quick and painless. Connor doesn't get excited when an issue pops up. Instead, he works with us to get quick answers, and working with him is a joy."

Most recently, three elevators were set for Carmel Police Department. For one of the elevators, a road had to be blocked off, and when that happens, timing is everything. Getting the elevator off the truck, onto the crane, and into the pit can sometimes take a few hours if the site isn't ready. For this elevator, it only took 30 minutes, and Randy credits this to Envoy and Connor for having the site running smoothly and everything ready when the elevators arrived. 

Envoy Construction's partnership with Phoenix Modular Elevators has enabled us to provide exceptional construction services by utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Our experience with modular elevators has demonstrated the significant benefits of using this technology, including faster installation times, reduced site disruption, customizable design, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. We encourage our clients to consider the option of using modular elevator systems for their construction projects to achieve these benefits.