Envoy Project Feature: Sugar Creek Fire Station #42

Envoy Project Feature: Sugar Creek Fire Station #42

July 19, 2018

In the spring of 2017, the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department and Envoy broke ground on a new firehouse, Station 42. Built to replace an existing firehouse from the 1970’s, the finished product was designed to increase response times and to modernize the living quarters for the men and women firefighters of Sugar Creek Township.

In an interview with WRTV6, Chief John Begovich said the former station was built solely as a volunteer station and didn’t account for the growth of the department or the needs of the surrounding area.

Recognizing the need, Sugar Creek Township Fire Department worked on plans for a more modern firehouse while the Township Trustee’s foresight and financial planning helped bring the station to fruition. With our portfolio of newly constructed or remodeled firehouses, Envoy was the perfect partner to take on this challenge. Below are a few of the features from the new Sugar Creek Township Station 42.

Individual living quarters. In the 1970’s, like fire departments across the country, Sugar Creek Township was staffed entirely by men. Because of this, most living quarters were built as communal rooms, rather than individual living quarters. Today, fire personnel are increasingly more diverse and additional living accommodations are needed.

In addition, the demands on the men and women that serve can be intense. The individual living quarters in Station 42, create a more comfortable and restful home base for these first responders.

Modern design. The fire and emergency services industry is constantly evolving to better serve the community and to keep the firefighters safe. The new firehouse was designed to do just that. Apparatus bays were enhanced to accommodate the larger vehicles used today. Also, future growth was considered to allow room for additional fleet when needed.

Energy efficiency. The Sugar Creek Township Fire Department insisted on ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the new fire station’s operations via the inclusion of geo-thermal technology to help power the firehouse. Geo-thermal technology is clean and sustainable and uses heat from the earth to produce energy. This investment is expected to save significant operating costs over the life of the firehouse. In addition, LED lighting was used throughout the property.

Building modern firehouses for the men and women that serve Indiana communities is an honor and an opportunity that Envoy does not take for granted. By ensuring the most up-to-date technologies are being used and the future needs of the industry are considered, Envoy has developed facilities, like Sugar Creek Township Station 42, in which communities can be proud and firefighters can feel safe.