Brownsburg Downtown Development Starts Construction Today

Brownsburg Downtown Development Starts Construction Today

May 17, 2017

Elevate Office Brownsburg is the first project to break ground on the $80 million masterplan

INDIANAPOLIS – Signaling the official start of downtown development efforts in Brownsburg, town officials and development partners broke ground on the planned Elevate Office Suites in Arbuckle Acres Park. The project is the first investment in the $80 million masterplan to create a downtown in heart of Brownsburg.

“We have worked on a masterplan for the Arbuckle Acres Park downtown development for some time and it is exciting to see it coming to fruition,” said Ashley Bacsu, Brownsburg Town Council President. “As the first project, Elevate Office Brownsburg, will attract and retain a critical mass of business professionals in the community.”

Approved in the fall of 2016, Elevate Office Brownsburg is a transformative project, developed by a partnership between Envoy, Inc., Hageman Group, and Yeager Properties. The $4.8 million investment includes a two-story building, with 110 class-A office suites, three conference rooms, and a co-working space.

“A project like Elevate Office Suites in the heart of Brownsburg brings a quality of work option that is attractive to smart, young talent,” said Scott Baldwin, Principal and Owner of Envoy, Inc. “We are excited to be a part of this downtown development and look forward to the Elevate Office businesses bring increased economic opportunity to town.”

“The project was selected to provide ‘a shot in the arm’ to local businesses and entrepreneurial enterprise in Brownsburg,” said Matthew Browning from the Brownsburg Redevelopment Commission. “By creating a space that makes it easier to collaborate and do business, we are providing proven job creators opportunity for advancement—which is critical for our future economic development.”

Elevate Office Suites create a hub of business opportunity for cities and towns like Brownsburg. The 21st century office space offers one- and two-person suites and attracts local businesses and entrepreneurs such as tech start-ups, law offices, salons, and consulting and professional services. To help further a healthy, entrepreneurial ecosystem, Elevate Office Suites offers flexible leasing, wired infrastructure for advanced technology, opportunities for co-working, and a supportive community—all in one building.

As a part of the downtown development project, the Town of Brownsburg will make necessary improvements to the surrounding public infrastructure, including connectivity for pedestrian and bicycle access. The Town has also started construction on what will be a centrally-located public green entrance to Arbuckle Acres Park and Elevate Office Brownsburg. The downtown masterplan includes two additional mixed-use developments and a recreation center, and is expected to continue development with additional projects kicking-off construction yet this year.